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Three our puppies are in their new homes, we wish them all the luck and love their owners will give themheart

Hillary ( after her granny Lerinka - Happy Hilarete Braunkőnigin) stays with us !








As the last left us Hacky kiss



Puppies are tomorrow 9 weeks old and slowly they are comming into their new homes. We wish them all the best, they love their new life, they are healthly, happy and lucky more or less they have all the best they can have and wish





Our puppies are 8 weeks today, 15.9.2015

It is their midday siesta laugh









010.jpg all with her mum Karmen



On Friday 21.8. celebrate our puppies Henry, Hellen, Hacky and Hillary 1st month of their live. And with shaving their faces they become true poodles laughwinkcheekydevil





Our babies are almost 2 weeks old. They all are beautifull and soon they will have their yeys open and will see the world in happy way.

Their names are Henry, Hacky, Hillary and Hellen


stenata-2-tydny-009.jpg stenata-2-tydny-015.jpg













On Tuesday 21.7.2015 was born puppies after Karmenka / Karmen Brown Neraka and Fredíčeki / Freddy Fantazia Brown

4 beautifull puppies - 2 boys and 2 girlsheart





Interested persons are welcome to contact us !


father : Freddy Fantazia Brown039.jpg

medium brown male, born 9.5.2013,

patella 0/0, PRA normal/clear

breeder: Zuzana Faltejsková Šandová

owner: Ing.Radek Pugner

Titles: Czech junior Champion





and mother : Karmen Brown Nerakajeleni-gora--v1--cwc--bos.jpg

medium brown female, born 26.2.2012

patella 0/0, PRA normal/clear

breeder: Kateřina Hudcová

owner: Zuzana Faltejsková Šandová


Czech Grand Champion, Czech Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion, Champion of Poland, KCHP Champion, KCHP Junior Champion, KCHP Puppy Champion